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Welcome! Mr. Gyanendra Chandra Shrestha
Orthopedica was establish in the year 1992 by Mr. Gyanendra Chandra Shrestha (orthotist and prosthetist), with the motto to provide the best service to all the Nepalese who are in need of orthosis and prosthesis. Since the day of it establishment, it has been providing its service to all the people of Nepal.

It has tried to give its best services to people, it is able to provide the latest technology on orthotics and prosthetics. It is one of the well equipped Orthopedic workshop in the nation. With the establishment of Orthopedica many people have benefited.

The appliances that are provided by orthopedica are cheap according to the technology they have been using. It is affordable by every economic class of the country. Many orthopedic Physicians has trusted orthopedica for its quick response to the patients and providing them with the best appliances that are needed by them.